My Grandmother is Younger than my Dad

Wait, what?  It’s true, and yes, you read that correctly.  My grandmother gave birth to my mom when she was 16 years old.  When my mom was 25 she met a tall dark and handsome man (yep, my dad) who was 42. My father is one year older than my grandmother.  Sometimes I like to imagine the scene when my mom brought him home to meet the family! My dad is also the same age as my late grandfather.  That always made for tense family gatherings great golf and fishing trips.  (BTW, my parents just celebrated their 37th anniversary and my dad is still telling my mom how to correct her golf swing even though her handicap is better than his.  They’re awesome).

So you’re wondering why I’m sharing this personal information about my family.  The main point is focused on my grandmother, who at age 15 found out she was pregnant.  She was pregnant and she needed help.  Are you pro-choice or pro-life?  I have close friends on both sides of the issue, and I would rather swim to Alcatraz than engage in the political debate. Why? We’re so busy arguing over choice itself, that we’ve forgotten about helping the women who are faced with the choice.  One thing we can all agree on is the fact that women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy need help, like my grandmother and so many others.  They need support, unconditional love, and a complete understanding of the choices available to them.  I serve on the Board of Directors at the Valley Pregnancy Center (VPC) in Dublin, CA.  It’s a non-profit organization whose vision is to be the center of hope and healing for women facing critical life choices.

The VPC provides the following services, all free of charge:

  • Pregnancy tests & ultrasounds
  • Early pre-natal care as a fully licensed medical facility
  • Pre-natal and childbirth classes
  • Maternity/baby clothes and furnishings
  • Compassionate counseling and support, with complete lack of judgment
  • Post abortion counseling
Sounds like an amazing place, right?  It is and I’m asking for your help.  This Saturday, April 30, is the VPC’s 22nd Annual Walk-a-thon.  Sponsor me, won’t you? It’s so easy. Just send an email to with the following information:  Your name, snail mail address, and phone number.  Please also indicate which amount you’d like to pledge ($15, $24, $50, $100, or other amount).  This will allow me to fill out my pledge form.  You will then receive a bill in the mail from the Valley Pregnancy Center with all the details regarding your tax-deductable donation.  Will you help me make a difference?

About Time with Tracy

Busy mother of two, kickboxing addict, and clotheshorse. I play basketball and wear stilettos, not necessarily at the same time. I love coffee, red wine & a medium rare steak. My primary focus in life is to serve and encourage others. I'm a nerd with blonde hair and a southern accent. Nine out of ten people are shocked to learn I have a BS in Statistics and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University. I started my career as an IT analyst with a ginormous consulting firm. After dabbling in strategy and business process reengineering, I changed careers to what might be considered insane: teaching teenagers. I taught at a private middle school in Houston, TX where I served as the Math Department Chair and Head Girls Basketball Coach. In 2004 my husband and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I continued to teach until we started a family. During that time I served on the Board of Directors at the Valley Pregnancy Center, where I was passionate about helping women in crisis. Loving people unconditionally is a ridiculously big deal to me. Last year we were thrilled to move back to Texas. I currently work at home in Austin raising our children, sprinkled in with massive amounts of laundry. I'm also a yoga newbie and enjoy mentoring executives for non-profit organizations.
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One Response to My Grandmother is Younger than my Dad

  1. heidibrandow says:

    I love your commitment to reminding us that these are women, not issues. Of course you can always count on my support.

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